Accounting services

Accounting services offered include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Capturing of accounting information on Pastel on a monthly basis.
  • Reporting to top management on findings on a monthly of quarterly basis to improve results, assist in forward planning and the statutory disclosure requirements.
  • We will provide financial and tax advice to ensure the optimum profit, leaving you to concentrate on your company’s primary operations.
  • Submission of statutory returns (VAT Returns, PAYE returns, Declaration of Employees details for UIF) – we will make sure that your returns are accurate & submitted on time.
  • Payroll administration includes monthly payroll processing & reporting (including pay slips e-mailed to the client & SARS compliance), Salary Structuring, employee benefits, year-end reconciliations, and IRP5 & IT3(a) certificates.
  • Management advisory services.

General accounting services

accountingGeneral accounting processing are charged at either a fixed monthly fee or an hourly rate, whichever the client prefers.

The fixed fee for accounting is determined by average historical time it took to do similar work, and will be fixed for a predetermined period.

The hourly fee is charged at different rates depending on the expertise needed to perform the accounting services.

Exact time is kept of accounting services performed and clients are billed accordingly.

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