Meet Our Awesome Team

The Bach team has grown rapidly since it all started way back in 2010.  We are a fun, passionately and dedicating team who will go that extra mile for our clients.  We do the groundwork to get your business where it should be.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people ~Steve Jobs

Graeme foto

Graeme Scott

Managing Member

The managing member and founder of Bach! It all started in his living room and look at us now.  Today we are a well established and successful accounting firm.  When Graeme is not leading his team, he enjoys his free time on the golf course.  "Success does not come to you... You go to it!"

Desry foto

Desry van der Riet

Professional Accountant (SA)

Martin photo

Martin Mans

Professional Accountant (SA)

Lucindi foto

Lucindi Coetzer


Zildene foto 2

Zildene Janse van Rensburg

SAIPA Trainee Accountant

Brian Hess

SAIPA Trainee Accountant


Elzahn Scott

Statutory Professional


Paul Visser

SAIPA Trainee Accountant


Andrea Herman

SAIPA Trainee Accountant


Jenna van Woerden

Data Administrator